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Angélica Olivares 

Vice President

Festival Marketing & Sponsorships

Tel: (998) 8.84.4666  ext. 104


Jorge Enríquez

Sponsorships Manager

Tel: (998) 8.84.4666  ext. 108


Cecilia Revuelta 

Relaciones Públicas

Tel: (55)  ext. 104


Miriam Carmo

Star Restaurants Program


Tel: (998) 8.84.4666  ext. 107


We delight every year in being able to bring together the talent of world renowned chefs, the top sommeliers on earth today, the best wine cellars of Europe and the Americas, the glamour of celebrities, and lovers of food and wine in one of the most vibrant cities in the World.

US Toll Free: 1.844.295.5632

MX Toll Free: 01.800.890.69.42